Yuan Dynasty



Babusha was a Naiman empress consort of the Yuan dynasty, married to Khutughtu Khan (Emperor Mingzong). Born to Princess Shouning, a niece of Chengzong, she married Khutughtu Khan before his ascent to the throne. Babusha notably endorsed the renowned cookbook, “Yin-shan Zhengyao”, by Huou in 1330. Following her husband’s demise, she faced execution, orchestrated by Budashiri to pave the way for Aratnadara’s succession. This came after Babusha accused Budashiri of staging a coup against her deceased spouse.

Spouse: Emperor Mingzong of Yuan


Khutughtu Khan, also known as Emperor Mingzong of Yuan, was born as Kuśala and held the throne of the Yuan dynasty of China in 1329 after seizing it from his father Khayishan (Emperor Wuzong). Born on 22 December 1300, he is recognized as the 13th Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, although this authority was largely nominal due to the divided state of the empire. His reign was short-lived as he died soon after ascending to the throne, marking a brief episode in the complex history of the Yuan dynasty.

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