Yuan Dynasty



Zhenge was an empress consort of the Yuan dynasty, married to Külüg Khan (Emperor Wuzong). A member of the Khongirad tribe, she was the daughter of Bengbula and the granddaughter of notable commander Tuolian. Her aunt, Tegülün Khatun, was married to the famous Kublai Khan. Zhenge became empress in 1310 under Külüg’s reign. Despite her royal status, she had no children and chose to leave the palace in 1313 to become a bhikkuni, a female Buddhist monastic. She passed away in November 1327 and was buried alongside her husband. In recognition of her virtues, she was posthumously named Empress Xuān Cí Huì Shèng by Yesün Temür.

Spouse: Emperor Wuzong of Yuan


Külüg Khan, born Khayishan, served as the emperor of the Yuan dynasty of China from August 4, 1281, to January 27, 1311. Also recognized as the seventh Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, albeit nominally due to the empire’s division, his regnal name “Külüg Khan” translates to “warrior Khan” or “fine horse Khan” in the Mongolian language.

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