Yuan Dynasty



Radnashiri, also known as Aradnashiri, was an empress consort of the Yuan dynasty, married to Ayurbarwada Buyantu Khan (Emperor Renzong). A member of the Khongirad tribe, her early life and how she met Ayurbarwada remain unclear. She gave birth to Shidibala in 1302 and became empress in 1311 when Ayurbarwada ascended the throne. Despite her elevated status after her son Shidibala became the crown prince, her influence was curtailed by Dagi. After Shidibala became Emperor Gegeen Khan in 1320, she was honored as Empress Dowager. However, she passed away in 1322, coincidentally around the same time Dagi lost his power. In honor of her virtues, she was posthumously named Empress Zhuāngyìcí Shèng by Gegeen Khan and was buried beside Ayurbarwada.

Spouse: Emperor Renzong of Yuan


Buyantu Khan, born Ayurbarwada, served as the fourth emperor of the Yuan dynasty of China from April 9, 1285, to March 1, 1320. Regarded as the eighth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, his regnal name “Buyantu Khan” translates to “blessed/good Khan” in the Mongolian language. Derived from a Sanskrit compound, his personal name “Ayurbarwada” means “the mountain of longevity.” Ayurbarwada actively supported the integration of Confucian principles into the administration system, becoming the first Yuan emperor to do so. Under the guidance of Confucian academic Li Meng, he peacefully succeeded to the throne, reversing his older brother Khayisan’s policies. Ayurbarwada notably reinstated the civil service examination system for the Yuan dynasty.

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