Our Story

Art passes down generations

Hi there, we are Xiang Li and Fei Wu, a mother-daughter team behind this website and massive art project.

For years we had only talked about our individual careers as artists and creators. But now, we want to share our stories through this collaboration and make traditional art more accessible through the use of technology.

Art passes down generations from a lineage of Chinese’s most renowned artists to my mom, and then from her and me – not just as a collector, but an enabler of her work to connect and inspire others like you.

You matter so much.

These artworks will have no meaning if they can’t reach or touch you in big or small ways. We believe art isn’t meant to only be passed on from mother to daughter, but to all of you who want to experience art in your own ways.

Sharing the love for art and connection

For over 40 years, Xiang Li worked as a master artist at the Forbidden City of Beijing, China. She traveled the world to share her love for creative and restoration art. Her stories were published in major newspapers and media outlets.

But the most important part of her journey is the ability to connect with other people through art. Along the way, she has made lifelong friends – businesses, philanthropists, artists, and art enthusiasts.

In addition to creating original portraits, we have also created a series of wearable art (clothing for men and women), art prints, and accessories you can use to decorate a corner of your living area.

Making art more accessible and enjoyable for all!

Stay in touch.

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