qing dynasty

Erdeni Bumba


Erdeni Bumba, of the Khorchin Mongol Borjigit clan, served as the consort of the Shunzhi Emperor and held the position of empress consort in the Qing dynasty from 1651 until her deposition in 1653. With a family background of notable rank, including her father Wukeshan, a first-rank prince, and connections to Empress Dowager Zhaosheng, Erdeni Bumba was chosen by Zhaosheng as the Shunzhi Emperor’s primary consort. Despite encouragement from the Prince-Regent Dorgon for their marriage, the emperor strongly disliked Erdeni Bumba, leading to her demotion to the rank of “Consort Jing” on 25 October 1653. Some sources suggest she may have become pregnant during her time in the Palace of Eternal Longevity, leaving the Forbidden City to give birth, but historical records do not provide details on her subsequent fate.

Spouse: Emperor Shunzhi


The Shunzhi Emperor, born Fulin, was the second Qing dynasty emperor, ruling China from 1644 to 1661. Ascending to the throne at the age of five, a committee of Manchu princes selected him to succeed his father, Hong Taiji. Initially, political power rested with co-regents Dorgon and Jirgalang, leading to the conquest of Ming dynasty territory and the establishment of Qing rule despite controversial policies such as the “hair cutting command.” After Dorgon’s death in 1650, the Shunzhi Emperor attempted to govern independently, addressing corruption and curbing Manchu nobility influence. Facing Ming loyalist resistance, he successfully defeated adversaries like Koxinga and the Prince of Gui by 1661. Sadly, he succumbed to smallpox at the age of 22, paving the way for his son Xuanye, the Kangxi Emperor, to reign for sixty years. The Shunzhi era remains relatively obscure in Qing history due to the scarcity of surviving documents from that period.

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