qing dynasty

Empress Xiaozhaoren


Empress Xiaozhaoren, born into the Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner Niohuru clan, became the second empress consort of the Kangxi Emperor in 1677. Despite her lack of an official rank or title initially, she ascended to the position of empress consort following the death of the emperor’s first wife in 1674. Empress Xiaozhaoren assumed responsibility for managing the emperor’s harem until her passing in 1678. She was laid to rest in the Jing Mausoleum of the Eastern Qing tombs alongside Empress Xiaochengren.

Spouse: Emperor Kangxi


Emperor Kangxi, also known as Emperor Shengzu, reigned as the third emperor of the Qing dynasty for 61 years, the longest reign in Chinese history. He ascended the throne at age seven, with actual power held by regents and his grandmother until he matured. Considered one of China’s greatest emperors, Kangxi suppressed rebellions, expanded Qing rule, and initiated a period of stability and prosperity known as the “Prosperous Era of Kangxi and Qianlong.” His court also achieved literary feats like the Kangxi Dictionary and the Complete Tang Poems anthology.

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