qing dynasty

Empress Xiaodexian


Empress Xiaodexian, born on April 12, 1831, belonged to the Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner Sakda clan and served as a consort to the Xianfeng Emperor. Her personal name is not recorded, and her family was originally from the Bordered Blue Banner. Her father, Futai, held the title of a duke and served as a fourth-rank literary official. She married Yizhu, the fourth son of the Daoguang Emperor, in 1847 and became his primary consort. Tragically, she passed away in January 1850, about a month before the death of the Daoguang Emperor. Yizhu succeeded his father as the Xianfeng Emperor, and Lady Sakda was posthumously honored as Empress. She was interred in the Ding Mausoleum of the Eastern Qing tombs.

Spouse: Emperor Xianfeng


Xianfeng Emperor, also known as Emperor Wenzong of Qing, reigned from 1850 to 1861 as the eighth emperor of the Qing dynasty and the last to exercise sole power. His reign was marked by crises, including the Taiping Rebellion, Nian Rebellion, and Second Opium War. Inherited from his father, Daoguang Emperor, Xianfeng faced widespread rebellions and wars that devastated China. The Taiping Rebellion in the south, Nian Rebellion in the north, and other uprisings resulted in significant loss of life. The Qing dynasty’s defeat in the Second Opium War led to treaties that ceded territory to foreign powers. Xianfeng’s health deteriorated rapidly amid these challenges, and he died in 1861 at the age of 30. His six-year-old son succeeded him as the Tongzhi Emperor, but political struggles ensued, leading to the rise of Empress Dowagers Cixi and Ci’an, who consolidated control over the Qing government.

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