qing dynasty

Empress Xiaoquancheng


Empress Xiaoquancheng, of the Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner Niohuru clan, served as the second empress consort of Mianning, the Daoguang Emperor, from 1834 until her death in 1840. Born in 1808, she entered the Forbidden City in 1821, catching the emperor’s immediate attention. Rising through the ranks, she bore several children, and after the death of Empress Xiaoshencheng in 1833, she took charge of the harem, eventually becoming the empress consort in 1834. Her favoritism and behavior caused conflicts within the Forbidden City. She died on 13 February 1840, and suspicions of murder arose. Posthumously, she was granted the title “Empress Xiaoquan.” In 1850, during the Xianfeng era, her son honored her with the title “Empress Xiaoquancheng.”

Spouse: Emperor Daoguang


The Daoguang Emperor, also known as Emperor Xuanzong of Qing, ruled from 1820 to 1850 and was the seventh emperor of the Qing dynasty. His reign was marked by challenges such as the First Opium War and the initial stages of the Taiping Rebellion, contributing to the external disasters and internal rebellions that strained the dynasty. Often described as a well-meaning but ineffective ruler, the Daoguang Emperor faced difficulties in addressing both domestic and foreign issues. Historian Jonathan Spence notes that he tended to favor officials with purist views, even when they lacked effective solutions for the complex problems facing the dynasty.

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