Yuan Dynasty



Sugabala, also known as Sügebala, was an empress consort of the Yuan dynasty, married to Gegeen Khan (Emperor Yingzong). Born into the Ikires clan of the Khongirad tribe, she was the daughter of Ashi Küregen and Princess Ilig Qaya, the granddaughter of Temür Khan. Additionally, her paternal grandmother was Princess Ulujin, the daughter of the prominent Kublai Khan and Chabi Khatun. Among her siblings was Yilianzhenbala, who became the khatun of Yesün Temür. Sugabala was made empress in 1321. However, her reign as empress was brief, as Gegeen Khan was assassinated just two years later. Following her death, she was posthumously honored with the title Empress Zhuāngjìngyì Shèng by Yesün Temür, which signifies her as a ‘Sedate’, ‘quiet’, ‘beautiful, and holy empress’.

Spouse: Emperor Yingzong of Yuan


Gegeen Khan, born Shidibala, served as the emperor of the Yuan dynasty of China from February 22, 1302, to September 4, 1323. Regarded as the ninth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, his reign was marked by the influence of the Khunggirat faction. Despite his efforts to reform the government based on Confucian principles, opposition from the faction, along with the Alan guard, led to his assassination in 1323. This event, known as the Coup d’état at Nanpo, marked the first violent transition struggle in the Yuan dynasty’s history, with an emperor overthrown by a group led by a non-Borjigin. Shidibala’s Sanskrit personal name means “purity protection,” while his Mongolian regnal name Gegeen Khan translates to “enlightened/bright khan.”

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