Yuan Dynasty



Daliyetemishi (Chinese: 答里也忒迷失; died 1368) was an empress consort of the Yuan dynasty of China, married to Rinchinbal Khan (Emperor Ningzong). Emperor Ningzong of Yuan was only 7 years old when Daliyetemishi became his empress. They were both children. Unfortunately Emperor Ningzong passed away two months after he became emperor due to serious illness.

Spouse: Emperor Ningzong of Yuan


Rinchinbal, also known as Emperor Ningzong of Yuan, was the son of Kuśala (Emperor Mingzong) and briefly ascended to the throne of the Yuan dynasty of China. Born on May 1, 1326, he held the title of the 14th Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, though the authority was largely symbolic due to the division of the empire. Rinchinbal’s reign was short-lived, and he passed away shortly after being installed as the emperor on December 14, 1332. His time on the throne was characterized by its brevity and limited impact on the course of Yuan dynasty history.