Tang dynasty

The Last 7 Known Empresses of the Tang Dynasty

Very little is written and known about the last 7 empresses of the Tang Dynasty. Instead of skipping over these characters, Li decided to rely on her research through several authoritative books on the Tang Dynasty, the study of relevant emperors to bring them to life.

This long silk roll took many months to create and complete.

Consort Wang (Wuzong)

Consort Wang, a talented singer and dancer from Handan, entered the Tang Dynasty palace at 13 and became a concubine for Emperor Wuzong (Li Chan). She was known for her intelligence and played a role in Li Chan’s rise to power. Emperor Wuzong highly favored her, even mirroring her movements on horseback rides to confuse onlookers. Despite his desire to make her Empress, opposition due to her low birth and lack of a son prevented it. Tragically, Consort Wang took her own life after the Emperor’s death, an act considered honorable in the time period. She was posthumously honored with a high rank and buried near Emperor Wuzong’s tomb.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert

Empress Yuanzhao

No further information has been written about Empress Yuanzhao.

Empress Hui’an and Empress Gongxian

Empress Hui’an, mother of Emperor Xizong of the Tang Dynasty, remains shrouded in mystery. We only know her family name. During Emperor Yizong’s reign, she held the high rank of Noble Consort and bore him a son, Li Xuan, who later became Emperor Xizong. Sadly, Consort Wang died during Emperor Yizong’s seventh year on the throne. Upon her son’s ascension, he honored her with the posthumous title of Empress Hui’an.

Very little is known about Empress Gongxian.

Empress Wang

Li Yan, born in 862, was the fifth son of Emperor Yizong of the Tang Dynasty. Although younger, he was chosen as Crown Prince (later Emperor Xizong) in 873 with the backing of powerful eunuchs. His birth mother, Consort Wang, received the highest rank for an imperial consort after his ascension.

Empress Xuanmu

Empress He was the wife of Emperor Zhaozong, one of the last emperors of China’s Tang Dynasty. She is also known as Empress Xuanmu (an honorary title) and Empress Jishan (referencing her palace). Tragically, she, her husband, and their sons were all murdered by the warlord Zhu Quanzhong, who later seized the Tang throne and founded the Later Liang Dynasty.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert

Empress He

In 897, Li Zuo was created an imperial prince, along with his brothers Li Mi (李秘) and Li Qi (李祺); Li Zuo’s title was Prince of Hui. Later in the year, with Li Yu having been created Crown Prince earlier in the year, their mother Consort He was created empress.

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