Tang dynasty

Empress Dowager Guo


Empress Dowager Guo (郭太后, personal name unknown) (died June 25, 848[2]), formally Empress Yi’an (懿安皇后, “the benevolent and peaceful empress”), was an empress dowager of the Chinese Tang dynasty. During the reign of her husband Emperor Xianzong, she was commonly regarded as his wife and the proper empress even though she never received the title from him, and she subsequently served as empress dowager during the reign of their son Emperor Muzong, their grandsons Emperor Jingzong, Emperor Wenzong, Emperor Wuzong, and his son (by a concubine) Emperor Xuānzong.

Spouse: Emperor Xianzong of Tang


Emperor Xianzong of Tang, born between March 4 and April 1, 778, and reigning from 805 to 820, was the eldest son of Emperor Shunzong. After his father’s brief rule, Emperor Xianzong ascended the throne and sought to diminish the influence of military governors (Jiedushi). He waged successful campaigns against warlords such as Liu Pi, Yang Huilin, and Li Qi, achieving significant reunification progress. Despite setbacks, including the failure to defeat Wang Chengzong in 813, Emperor Xianzong ultimately restored imperial authority over previously independent regions, leading to his reign being termed the Yuanhe Restoration. While he stabilized Tang from military governors, the era saw the ascent of eunuch power. Emperor Xianzong allegedly met his demise in 820, with suspicions, though unproven, of involvement by the eunuch Chen Hongzhi and lingering suspicions about Consort Guo and her son Li Heng (later Emperor Muzong).

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