Eastern Jin dynasty


Yu Daolian (Empress Xiao)

Yu Daolian (庾道憐) (died 366), formally Empress Xiao (孝皇后, literally “the filial empress”), was an empress of Jin Dynasty (265-420). Her husband was Emperor Fei of Jin.

Yu Daolian was the daughter of Yu Bing (庾冰), one of the co-prime ministers during the reigns of Emperor Cheng and Emperor Kang — both his nephews and sons of his sister Empress Yu Wenjun, making her an aunt to her husband, who was Empress Yu Wenjun’s grandson. Little is known about her. She was already Emperor Fei’s wife when he was Prince of Donghai during the reign of his cousin Emperor Mu, and she then carried the title of Princess of Donghai. Presumably, after he was given the greater title of Prince of Langye after his brother Emperor Ai became emperor in 361, she carried the title of Princess of Langye, but there was no record of her using that title. After her husband became emperor in 365 after his brother’s death, he created her empress. She died a year later in 366, without having had any children, and was given the posthumous name Empress Xiao and buried with honors due an empress.

Spouse: Emperor Fei of Jin


Emperor Fei of Jin (342–386), born Sima Yi, was a ruler of the Eastern Jin Dynasty in China. He was the younger brother of Emperor Ai and faced deposition by the military leader Huan Wen. The title “Emperor Fei” is unique in that it signifies his removal from power, with “Fei” meaning “depose.” Following his dethronement, he adopted the title Duke of Haixi (海西公). Emperor Fei’s reign was marked by political upheaval, culminating in his removal from the throne by military forces.

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