Eastern Jin dynasty


Chu Suanzi (Empress Kangxian)

Chu Suanzi (Chinese: 褚蒜子; 324–384), formally Empress Kangxian (康獻皇后, literally “the joyful and wise empress”), at times as Empress Dowager Chongde (崇德太后), was an empress of Jin Dynasty (265-420). Her husband was Emperor Kang, and, outliving him by 40 years, she was an empress dowager during the reigns of five emperors, including serving as regents for three of them: her son Emperor Mu (344-357), her nephew Emperor Ai (364-366), and her cousin Emperor Xiaowu (373-376). Despite the power she held, she appeared to largely yield to the judgement of high-level officials who advised her and rarely made decisions on her own.

Spouse: Emperor Kang of Jin


Emperor Kang of Jin, born Sima Yue, was a short-reigning emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The younger brother of Emperor Cheng and a son of Emperor Ming, his rule lasted only two years. Despite the brevity of his reign, Emperor Kang played a role in the complex political landscape of the Eastern Jin era.

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