Eastern Jin dynasty


Yu Wenjun

Yu Wenjun (Chinese: 庾文君; 297–328), formally Empress Mingmu (明穆皇后, literally “the understanding and solemn empress”) was an empress of the Chinese Jin dynasty (265-420) by marriage to Emperor Ming of Jin, and Regent during the minority of her son Emperor Cheng from 326 to 327.
Empress Yu’s father Yu Chen (庾琛) was the governor of Kuaiji Commandery along the southern shore of Hangzhou Bay and later served on the staff of Sima Rui the Prince of Langye (later Emperor Yuan) when Sima Rui was posted at Jianye. She was considered kind and beautiful, and Sima Rui took her to be his son Sima Shao’s wife. Her brother Yu Liang became a key friend and advisor to Sima Shao. Later, after Sima Rui declared himself emperor and created Sima Shao crown prince, she became crown princess. After Emperor Yuan died in 323 and Sima Shao succeeded to the throne as Emperor Ming, she became empress. She bore him two sons, Sima Yan and Sima Yue).

Spouse: Emperor Ming of Jin


Emperor Ming of Jin, also known as Sima Shao, was a ruler of the Eastern Jin dynasty in China who reigned briefly from 323 to 325. His reign marked a period where he successfully led the Jin dynasty out of the dominance of the warlord Wang Dun. Despite his efforts to stabilize the empire, Emperor Ming’s premature death led to the succession of his young son, Emperor Cheng. The delicate balance of power that Emperor Ming had established was disrupted, resulting in the Su Jun Disturbance and further weakening of the Jin state, contributing to the challenges faced by the dynasty.

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