Eastern Jin dynasty


Empress Wang Fahui

Empress Wang Fahui (王法慧) (360–380), formally Empress Xiaowuding (孝武定皇后, literally “the filial, martial, and quieting empress”) was an empress during Jin Dynasty (265-420). Her husband was Emperor Xiaowu.

When Emperor Xiaowu was due to marry, the regent Xie An wanted to look for a noble family that was meek and virtuous. Since he respected Wang Fahui’s father Wang Yun (王蘊) and brother Wang Gong (王恭) greatly, he personally visited Wang Fahui to examine her, and he was impressed with her politeness and beauty. In 375, he therefore selected her as Emperor Xiaowu’s empress. He was 14 and she was 15.
Once she became empress, however, she became obsessed with drinking and was also proud and jealous, and Emperor Xiaowu was displeased. He therefore summoned Wang Yun, his father-in-law, to ask him to counsel his daughter to change her ways. Wang, during this meeting, became so fearful that he took off his hat to apologize. He then rebuked her, and she changed her behavior. She died in 380 and was buried with honors due an empress. She did not bear any sons.

Spouse: Emperor Xiaowu of Jin


Emperor Xiaowu of Jin (362–396), born Sima Yao, was an emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty in China. His reign witnessed the survival of the Jin dynasty against a significant threat from the Former Qin. However, he marked the last Jin emperor to actively wield imperial power, as his successors, Emperor An and Emperor Gong, were controlled by regents and warlords. Emperor Xiaowu’s death was unusual, as he was killed by his concubine Honoured Lady Zhang in response to an insult.

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