BJ Miller MD

BJ Miller is an American physician, author, and speaker. He is a practicing hospice and palliative medicine physician and is best known for his 2015 TED Talk, “What Really Matters at the End of Life” He sees patients and caregivers through his online palliative care service, Mettle Health.

About BJ Miller’s Original Portrait

Chinese watercolor on silk.
Painted by Xiang Li
79 x 36 inches

BJ’s creative portrait is a captivating blend of reality and mysticism. Li skillfully incorporates a diverse array of creatures into the design, resulting in a mesmerizing composition.

The lion and tiger featured in the portrait embody notions of power and respect, symbolizing BJ’s formidable presence. They represent his ability to command authority and garner admiration from those around him. Accompanying them is the majestic unicorn, an embodiment of freedom and the capacity to influence both near and distant individuals. With the unicorn, BJ possesses the remarkable ability to inspire and shape the lives of others, leaving an indelible impact.

Positioned alongside BJ is his devoted companion, Mazie. Within the portrait, a collection of roses adorns the pages of his acclaimed book, “The Beginner’s Guide to the End of Life,” a book that has touched the lives of countless individuals worldwide. This transformative work has achieved widespread recognition, having been translated into Chinese and published in Mainland China since late 2022.

Gracefully hovering above BJ is a stunning phoenix, steeped in Chinese mythology. This immortal bird, rarely seen, is considered an auspicious omen, symbolizing harmony and prosperity upon the ascent of a new emperor to the throne. In this context, the phoenix represents good fortune and health, promising a future imbued with positivity and well-being.

Overall, BJ’s creative portrait is an intricate fusion of real and mythical elements, each carrying profound symbolism that reflects his character, accomplishments, and the promising future that lies ahead.

Speaking Portrait

Explore this speaking portrait created using D-ID in BJ’s own voice!

Click the play ▶ button, or anywhere on the painting below to start listening.

BJ’s voice was recorded during his interview with Fei Wu on Feisworld Podcast.

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