Tang dynasty

Empress Wang (Dezong)


Empress Wang, also known as Empress Zhaode, was the wife of Emperor Dezong (Li Kuo) and the mother of Emperor Shunzong (Li Song) during the Tang Dynasty in China. Little is known about her family, except that her father, Wang Yu, once served as the director of the archival bureau. She initially became a consort to Li Kuo while he was the Prince of Fengjie and later gave birth to his oldest son, Li Song, in 761. After Li Kuo ascended to the throne as Emperor Dezong in 779, she was elevated to the rank of Shufei, the second-highest rank for imperial consorts under the empress. In 786, as she fell ill, Emperor Dezong created her empress on December 3, and she passed away three days later on December 6. Empress Wang was initially buried separately but was later moved to Emperor Dezong’s tomb after his death in 805, becoming the last living Tang empress for over a century.


Spouse: Emperor Daizong of Tang


Emperor Dezong of the Tang Dynasty, born on May 27, 742, and reigning until February 25, 805, was the eldest son of Emperor Daizong. His 26-year rule marked the third-longest in the Tang dynasty. Initially, Emperor Dezong focused on financial reforms, introducing new tax laws to improve governmental finances. However, his attempts to weaken powerful regional warlords led to mismanagement and rebellions, posing a significant threat to both him and the Tang dynasty. Subsequently, he adopted a cautious approach towards regional governors, inadvertently allowing warlordism to flourish. His trust in eunuchs contributed to their rising influence. Known for his fear of officials wielding power, especially in his later years, he limited the authority granted to his chancellors.

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