Northern Song Dynasty

Empress Xiaohui (Lady He)

Lady He (Chinese: 賀氏; c. 929 CE–25 January 958 CE), posthumously known as Empress Xiaohui (Chinese: 孝惠皇后), was the first wife of Emperor Taizu of the Song dynasty. She was the daughter of He Jingsi (贺怀浦) and sister of the general He Lingtu (賀令圖).

Spouse: Emperor Taizu of Song

Emperor Taizu of Song, also known as Zhao Kuangyin, was the founder and first emperor of the Song dynasty in China, reigning from 960 until his death in 976. Initially a distinguished military general of the Later Zhou dynasty, he rose to power through a coup d’état, compelling Emperor Gong to abdicate in his favor. Emperor Taizu achieved significant territorial expansion during his reign, conquering Southern Tang, Later Shu, Southern Han, and Jingnan, thereby reuniting much of China proper. In his efforts to consolidate control, he reduced the influence of military generals, emphasizing the role of civilian officials in administration. His younger brother, Zhao Kuangyi (Emperor Taizong), succeeded him.

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