Northern Song Dynasty

Empress Li

Empress Li (960–1004) was an empress consort of ancient China’s Northern Song dynasty, married to Emperor Taizong. After his death, she was the empress dowager for her stepson Emperor Zhenzong.

Northern Song Dynasty

Princess Fu

Princess Fu (苻氏, given name unknown, 941–975), posthumously known as Empress Yide, was the wife of Zhao Guangyi, the future Song dynasty emperor. She was one of the many daughters of general Fu Yanqing, and along with her sisters, Empress Fu the Elder and Empress Dowager Fu (Later Zhou), (both married to the Later Zhou emperor Chai Rong), she played an important role in Chinese politics of the 10th century.

Northern Song Dynasty

Empress Song

There isn’t much written about Empress Song. She entered the palace at the tender age of 16 and became empress at age 17. The emperor adored her. She was remembered as a kind person.

Northern Song Dynasty

Empress Wang

There isn’t much written about Empress Wang either. She was remembered as a kind empress who also played instruments such as Guzheng.

Spouse: Emperor Taizong of Song

Zhao Jiong, also known as Zhao Guangyi and posthumously as Emperor Taizong of Song, was the second emperor of the Song dynasty in China, reigning from 976 until his death in 997. Younger brother to his predecessor, Emperor Taizu, and father to the subsequent emperor, Emperor Zhenzong, Emperor Taizong’s accession to the throne is shrouded in historical ambiguity. Despite rumors of fratricide, his succession was officially confirmed by Emperor Taizu on their mother’s deathbed. During his reign, Emperor Taizong successfully subdued local warlords, reunified China proper, and implemented policies to enhance agricultural productivity, expand the civil service, and limit the power of regional military governors. Despite early military successes, his attempts to reclaim former Tang dynasty territories from the Liao dynasty and the Early Lê dynasty ultimately failed. Remembered as a hardworking and diligent ruler, his descendants continued to rule the Northern Song, while his brother’s descendants took over from Emperor Xiaozong onward due to the Jingkang Incident, which saw most of Emperor Taizong’s descendants abducted by the Jin dynasty.

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