qing dynasty

Empress Xiaomucheng


Empress Xiaomucheng (1781 – 17 February 1808), a member of the Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner Niohuru clan, served as a consort to the Daoguang Emperor. Her personal name is unknown, but her family background included notable figures such as her father Buyandalai, who held the title of a third-class duke and served as Minister of Revenue. She married Minning, the second son of the Jiaqing Emperor, in 1796 and became his primary consort. After her death in 1808, she was interred in the Eastern Qing tombs. Posthumously, she was given the title “Empress Xiaomu” when Minning ascended the throne as the Daoguang Emperor in 1820. In 1828, there was a leak in the Eastern Qing tombs, leading to flooding and necessitating the temporary relocation of Lady Niohuru’s casket. In 1835, her casket was transferred to the Mu Mausoleum of the Western Qing tombs.

Spouse: Emperor Daoguang


The Daoguang Emperor, also known as Emperor Xuanzong of Qing, was the seventh emperor of the Qing Dynasty and the sixth Qing emperor to rule over China proper from 1820 to 1850. His reign was marked by both external and internal challenges, including the First Opium War and the beginning of the Taiping Rebellion. Despite his well-intentioned efforts to address these problems, he was ultimately unsuccessful, and his reign is often characterized as a period of decline for the Qing Dynasty.

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