Ming Dynasty (Middle period)


Empress Xiaoyuanzhen

Empress Xiaoyuanzhen (1580–1613), of the Guo clan, was the first wife of the Taichang Emperor when he was crown prince. She died before he ascended the throne, but is more commonly known by her posthumous name.

Spouse: Emperor Taichang of Ming


The Taichang Emperor, born Zhu Changluo on August 28, 1582, was the 15th emperor of the Ming dynasty in China. As the eldest son of the Wanli Emperor, he succeeded his father in 1620 but faced a brief reign lasting less than one month. The emperor unexpectedly died in the palace after experiencing a bout of diarrhea. Following his death, his son Zhu Youjiao ascended the throne as the Tianqi Emperor. The Taichang Emperor’s era name, “Taichang,” translates to “grand prosperity,” yet his reign holds the record as the shortest in Ming history, marked by its abrupt and premature conclusion.

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