Ming Dynasty (Middle period)


Empress Xiaoduanxian

Empress Xiaoduanxian (Chinese: 孝端顯皇后; 7 November 1564 – 7 May 1620), personal name Wang Xijie (Chinese: 王喜姐), was empress consort of the Wanli Emperor. She was the longest serving empress consort in Chinese history.

Spouse: Emperor Longqing of Ming


The Wanli Emperor (4 September 1563 – 18 August 1620), personal name Zhu Yijun (Chinese: 朱翊鈞; pinyin: Zhū Yìjūn), art name Yuzhai (禹齋),[2] was the 14th emperor of the Ming dynasty, reigned from 1572 to 1620. “Wanli”, the era name of his reign, literally means “ten thousand calendars”. He was the third son of the Longqing Emperor. His reign of 48 years (1572–1620) was the longest among all the Ming dynasty emperors[1] and it witnessed several successes in his early and middle reign, followed by the decline of the dynasty as the emperor withdrew from his active role in government around 1600.

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