Ming Dynasty (Middle period)


Empress Qian

Empress Qian (simplified Chinese: 钱皇后; traditional Chinese: 錢皇后; pinyin: Qián huánghòu; 1426 – 15 July 1468) was a Chinese empress consort during the Ming dynasty, married to the Zhengtong Emperor. She was addressed posthumously as Empress Xiaozhuangrui (simplified Chinese: 孝庄睿皇后; traditional Chinese: 孝莊睿皇后; pinyin: Xiàozhuāngruì huánghòu)

Spouse: Emperor Yingzong of Ming


Emperor Yingzong of Ming, born Zhu Qizhen, served as the sixth and eighth emperor of the Ming dynasty. Initially ascending to the throne as the Zhengtong Emperor in 1435, he faced a turbulent period during the Tumu Crisis in 1449 when he was captured by the Northern Yuan dynasty, leading to his deposition in favor of his younger brother, the Jingtai Emperor. However, in 1457, Emperor Yingzong successfully deposed the Jingtai Emperor and resumed his rule, taking the title of the Tianshun Emperor. His reign extended until his death in 1464.

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