Favorite Watercolor Supplies

After living in the US for over 10 years, Li has found her favorite watercolor supplies for purchase online. Take a look and find out if they can work for you too. Check this article for Materials 101.

Holbein Water Color: one of our favorite watercolor supplies

Holbein Water Color

Holbein has been our absolutely favorite watercolor of all time after trying nearly every brand. Li has the 108-color set and constantly purchases individual ones to replenish her set. A good watercolor set is an investment, but well worth it.

48-Color Set from Holbein

60-Color Set from Holbein

Yasutomo Chinese Watercolor Brushes (various sizes)

Yasutomo Rice Paper (Available in 9×12, 12×18)

Yasutomo Rice Paper (9×13)

Yasutomo Sumi-e Watercolor Sets

Yasutomo Authentic Chinese Watercolor Set (12)

Yasutomo Liquid Sumi Ink

Yasutomo Grinding Stone

Yasutomo Ink Stick

Available in student and professional grades. Student grade is more budget-friendly.

Yasutomo Student Hake Brush