Eastern Jin dynasty


Li Lingrong (Empress Dowager Xiaowuwen)

Li Lingrong (李陵容) (died 400), formally Empress Dowager Xiaowuwen (孝武文太后, literally “the filial, martial, and civil empress dowager”) was an empress dowager during Jin Dynasty (265–420). She was a concubine of Emperor Jianwen and the mother of Emperor Xiaowu.

Spouse: Emperor Jianwen of Jin


Emperor Jianwen of Jin, born Sima Yu, was an emperor of the Eastern Jin dynasty in China. He ascended to the throne as a result of the support of military leader Huan Wen, who installed him as emperor. Prior to becoming emperor, Sima Yu had held important roles in the administrations of his grandnephews Emperor Mu, Emperor Ai, and Emperor Fei. Regarded as a weak-willed figure, Emperor Jianwen is often seen as one who, despite showing enough wisdom to sustain and extend Jin rule, was compromised by his excessive dedication to philosophical discussions of Taoism and related ideologies during his service and reign.

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