Eastern Jin dynasty


Empress Wang Shenai

Empress Wang Shen’ai (王神愛) (384–412), formally Empress Anxi (安僖皇后, literally “the peaceful and careful empress”) was an empress of Jin Dynasty (265–420). Her husband was the developmentally disabled Emperor An.
Wang Shen’ai was the daughter of the official Wang Xianzhi, the son of the famed official and calligrapher Wang Xizhi. Her mother Princess Xin’an was the daughter of Emperor Jianwen, making her and her husband cousins. In 396, while he was still crown prince under his father Emperor Xiaowu, they married, and she became crown empress. She was 12, and he was 14. As he was described to be so developmentally disabled that he could not speak or dress himself, or express whether he was full or hungry, it was unlikely that their marriage was consummated; in any case, they had no children. Later that year, after Emperor Xiaowu was killed by his concubine Honoured Lady Zhang after humiliating her, Emperor An became emperor. In 397, she was created empress.

Spouse: Emperor An of Jin


Emperor An of Jin (382–419), born Sima Dezong, was an emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty in China. Afflicted by severe developmental disabilities, he ascended the throne in 397, with actual power wielded by his uncle Sima Daozi, Prince of Kuaiji. His reign was marked by the dominance of regents and warlords, leading to constant revolts and civil wars from 398 to 403. In 403, warlord Huan Xuan usurped the Jin regime, but Emperor An was later restored in 404. Despite the territorial expansion achieved by Jin under the control of warlord Liu Yu, internal threats persisted. In 419, Emperor An was strangled on the orders of Liu Yu, and his brother Emperor Gong succeeded him, marking the final chapter of the Jin Dynasty as Liu Yu established the Liu Song Dynasty.

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