D-ID AI Generative Technology

D-ID Speaking Portrait technology enables photorealistic avatars using just text or audio as input.

Art and AI: letting art tell its story

Xiang Li devoted her life to studying women in Chinese history. She has spent over ten years painting empresses from the Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties.

These empresses have sophisticated cultural backgrounds, stories, and impacts that span centuries. D-ID enables these stories to come alive through speaking portraits, attracting people from different generations and abilities. Making Xiang Li’s art more accessible and engaging than ever before.

What’s next?

Starting in May 2023 and as part of the xiangliart.com website relaunch, we will be introducing “speaking portraits” applying the technology on many of Xiang Li’s empress designs and other collections, rolling out new content on a weekly basis.

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There is so much you can do


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Creative Reality™ Studio

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Live Portrait

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Speaking Portrait

Enabling photorealistic portrait painting or avatars, using just text or audio as input

Use cases for artists

If you are a creator, artist, or anyone who is interested in learning how to combine technology and art, D-ID is a great place to start!

D-ID technology is designed for everyday creators, and it does not require a deep understanding of tech or any coding skills. Just bring your curiosity and start exploring D-ID for your photos, art, and presentations.