Eastern Jin dynasty


Chu Lingyuan (Empress Gongsi)

Chu Lingyuan (褚靈媛) (384–436), formally Empress Gongsi (恭思皇后), was the last empress of Jin Dynasty (265–420). Her husband was the last emperor of the dynasty, Emperor Gong (Sima Dewen).
Chu Lingyuan was the daughter of the commandery governor Chu Shuang (褚爽), who was a grandson of the official Chu Pou (褚裒), making Chu Lingyuan a grandniece of Emperor Kang’s wife Empress Chu Suanzi. It is not known exactly when she married Emperor Gong, but the marriage took place while he was the Prince of Langye, during the reign of his developmentally disabled brother Emperor An
After the regent Liu Yu killed Emperor An in 419 and made Sima Dewen emperor, she was created empress. Emperor Gong subsequently was forced to give up the throne to Liu Yu in 420, ending Jin. Liu Yu, who established Liu Song, created the former Jin emperor the Prince of Lingling, and Empress Chu received the title Princess of Lingling. During their marriage, she bore two daughters — Sima Maoying the Princess Haiyan, and the Princess Fuyang, whose name is lost to history.[1]

Spouse: Emperor Gong of Jin


Emperor Gong of Jin, born Sima Dewen, was the final emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty in China. His ascent to the throne in 419 followed the demise of his developmentally disabled brother, Emperor An, who was killed by the regent Liu Yu. During Emperor Gong’s brief reign, real political power rested in the hands of Liu Yu. Facing pressure, he abdicated the throne to Liu Yu on July 5, 420, marking the end of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Subsequently, Liu Yu established the Liu Song Dynasty. In October or November 421, deeming the former Jin emperor a potential threat to his rule, Liu Yu ordered his asphyxiation with a blanket.

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