Xiang Li Joins Zhuhai Red Cross Organization Charity Auction, Donating over 140,000 USD to Children with Autism

This article is translated from a news article in Mandarin Chinese reported from the live event.

Xiang Li donated over two dozen of her paintings to the Zhuhai Red Cross Organization which was sold for over 1 million RMB (140,000 USD).

Xiang Li Joins Zhuhai Red Cross

After several months of careful preparation and planning by the Zhuhai Red Cross Organization, at 3 pm on the afternoon of November 5, 2016, we welcomed a feast of public welfare art at the Shengyuan Art Museum. This was the opening ceremony of the first Public Welfare Exhibition of Painting and Calligraphy Works of Zhuhai Red Cross Organization.

Zhuhai Red Cross

In Li Xiang’s nearly 50-year artistic career, she has had many experiences in charitable causes. She hopes that more modern painters can participate in these charity activities. In this way, we can not only make our own contribution to society but also find more partners who can inherit Chinese culture and art.

Xiang Li’s exhibition featuring over two dozen of her original artworks

The Zhuhai Red Cross Wechat official account mentioned: “This calligraphy and painting exhibition auction brings together two well-known calligraphers and painters from Beijing (Mr. Liu Leiyin, director of the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Art Association, cultural communication consultant of the Zhuhai Red Cross Organization, and Ms. Li Xiang, a famous painter from the Forbidden City)

There are nearly a hundred pieces of fine calligraphy and painting art, all of which are masterpieces of two famous masters, some of which are treasured by themselves. However, in order to support Zhuhai’s public welfare and charity, they donated generously to raise funds without reservation. Taking this opportunity, we are fortunate to experience the charm of traditional culture and develop our new friendship with two famous masters.

“The soul of the people is transformed by literature; the soul of the country is forged by literature.” Culture is the soul and driving force of a city. Public welfare and charity are the sources of a city’s temperament and civilized harmony. I sincerely wish all artists, collectors, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, calligraphy and painting lovers, and caring people from all walks of life will gain something and be inspired.”

Li Xiang’s Jinling Twelve Beauties (new work in 2016) was auctioned to a large Shenzhen company for 360,000 RMB (about 50,000 USD). Li Xiang was very pleased with this.

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