Custom Art Commissions

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How it works

You can choose from a variety of commissioned artwork categories including creative portraits, animals, landscapes, still life, and more.

1. Order Placed

You can request a production of a similar artwork seen at Xiang Li Art, or use an existing piece of art or photo you choose as inspiration.

2. Order Completed

Xiang Li begins working on your order. The typical lead time is 7 to 10 business days.

3. Order Shipped

The painting is then packed and shipped to you (free if you are based in the United States).

You can also choose the medium, size and style



Western watercolor paper

Watercolor paper is a type of paper that is specifically designed for use with watercolor paints. It is made from a blend of cotton and wood fibers, which gives it a high absorbency and a smooth, even surface.

Chinese rice paper

Chinese rice paper is a type of paper made from the inner bark of the tallow tree. It is a very thin, delicate paper that is often used for Chinese watercolor art. We only use the highest-grade rice paper.


Silk painting is the art of painting on silk. We use 100% silk panels for this type of artwork. It is a traditional art form that has been practiced for centuries in China. Silk painting is a challenging art form, but it is also very rewarding. The silk fabric is very delicate yet easier to preserve and can last a very long time. Silk painting also requires a variety of special paints and brushes.



Rice paper

52.4 x 26.2 inches (standard)
78.6 x 39.3 inches (large)

Western watercolor paper

11 x 15 inches (small)
18 x 24 inches (medium)
22 x 30 inches (large)

We can often accommodate custom sizes as well.


28 x 18 inches (small)
56 x 36 inches (medium)
70+ x 36 inches (large)
length can vary based on the your preference and the orientation of the painting



Xieyi (freehand-style brushwork)

Xieyi refers to freehand brushwork. It’s a genre of Chinese traditional painting which includes poem, calligraphy, painting, and seal. 

Gongbi (meticulous style) is a careful realist technique in Chinese painting, the opposite of the interpretive and freely expressive xieyi style.

A hybrid of Xieyi and Gongbi

It is possible to include both styles in one painting

Price Ranges

Please note: these pricing ranges are for guidance and consideration only. Please contact us with your project details using the form at the bottom of this webpage for a final quote. Thank you!


Freehand brushwork
Small or standard-size watercolor or rice paper
Small silk painting


Meticulous/gongbi style painting
Standard-size rice paper
Medium silk painting
Medium or large watercolor paper


Meticulous/gongbi style painting
Large-size rice paper


Meticulous/gongbi style painting
Large silk painting

Not sure which style is right for you, your home or office? Please contact us to learn more.

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