The Opening Ceremony of the Dream of Red Chamber Art Exhibition was Successfully Held in Qingdao

In June 2019, Xiang Li attended the opening ceremony of the Dream of the Red Chamber Art Exhibition in Qingdao, China alongside her daughter Fei Wu. This museum is built inside the Qingdao Park of National Studies. This project is made possible by Haidu Cultural Exchange Center.

Haidu Cultural Exchange Center, commonly known as “Zhiren Publishing House”, was initiated and established by Qingdao Haidu Group, which provides supervision, management, and business guidance of the national civil affairs and cultural departments. It is a non-profit non-governmental public welfare cultural exchange place and an important part of the cultural exchange platform of Qingdao National Studies Park.

The establishment of the center aims to promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture, build a platform for the cultural exchange of Chinese studies, and regularly hold academic seminars on Chinese studies, cultural and art exhibitions, and interactive exchange activities such as book fairs, pen meetings, and Chinese studies salons.

Haidu Group will continue to adhere to “building a stage for the arts and culture”. To do that, they will continue to increase investment and strive to create an atmosphere for people to “learn and teach”. Everyone can shoulder the responsibilities of inheritance and popularization, education and training with the theme of Chinese culture in the region, strengthening cooperation with local cultural groups and other relevant departments.

Dream of Red Chamber Art Exhibition – Open Ceremony

The opening ceremony was reserved exclusively for senior executives of Haidu Group, the Redology Institute (Redology is the study of the Dream of the Red Chamber), local and national news reporters, and other cultural institutions.

As a special guest, Xiang Li attended as the artist and creator of the collection. It was a great opportunity to meet everyone from the project. Li is committed to supporting the work of passing on art as part of Chinese history in the city of Qingdao and beyond. She hopes to collaborate with companies internationally so more people can learn and witness Chinese culture and art.

Dream of Red Chamber Art Exhibition
Before the opening ceremony
People began to arrive at the ceremony
Xiang Li is invited to speak as the artist
Time to cut the ribbons
Group picture
Zhongzu Li (right) is the CEO and President of Haidu Group
Other artists and calligraphers signing at the event
Zhongzu Li (CEO and President of Haidu Group) and Xiang Li

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