Learning From Chen Rong’s Ink Dragons

Li has been a big fan of Chen Rong’s artworks for decades, so she got inspired to create some of the most famous pieces: Ink Dragons.

By the way, Chen was one of the most recognized artists in the Northern Song Dynasty (960 – 1279). His specialty was “ink dragons”, a technique that he used to express the power and prosperity of dragons. Most of the dragons he painted were done on high-quality silk paper using “gong-bi” (meticulous painting style).

Chen’s signature work named Mystical Dragon (aka “Shen Long Tu” in Mandarin Chinese) was auctioned in Shanghai, China in 2011. The painting was sold for 32,000,000 RMB (~5.3 million USD).

Ink Dragons

Inspired by Chen’s technique and the history of ink dragons, Ms. Li created a series of paintings for one of her clients in Shenzhen, China. We’d like to share these amazing works of Li with you.

Ink Dragons (watercolor) by Xiang Li

The size of these paintings was significant. Li’s client has a large conference room to host these works. The paintings expand across the entire side of the wall. Extensive preparation went into the project prior to kickoff.

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