Xiang Li appeared on Boston Chinese Report

Xiang Li’s story as an artist and teacher was written in an article in the Boston Chinese Report on February 8th, 2013.

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Xiang Li, an internationally acclaimed artist specializing in the reproduction and restoration of ancient Chinese paintings, has recently moved to Boston, MA.

Li worked at the National Palace Museum for nearly 40 years. Because she is deeply rooted in Chinese art and was apprenticed to top-tier masters whose expertise lay in ancient painting and calligraphy, she became an expert in reproduction and restoration inside the Master Studio at the National Palace Museum. Li became famous during the mid-1980s for her creation of original works of The Dream of the Red Chamber that won her international attention and wide acclaim, as evidenced by the articles and book chapters written about her in major media. She also was privileged to present her artwork nationally and abroad at international exhibitions in countries such as the United States, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and Korea.

Li has earned high regard and respect from top art scholars, including Fan Zeng, Dong Shouping, Zhou Ruchang, Wang Meng, Zhou Cezong as well as the Last Emperor’s brother, Pu Jie.  Pu Jie called her “one of the most extraordinary artists of our time.”

For the past twenty years, Ms. Li has been painting reproductions of ancient Chinese classics for a prominent art auction house that gives her a high commission for her work. Ms. Li’s comprehensive knowledge of Chinese art history has also been utilized by an international movie director who plans to collaborate with her again on future productions in which the setting takes place in ancient China.

As soon as Li arrived in Boston, she has been invited to play an active role in art education at prestigious U.S. museums, specifically:  the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York; the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; and the University of Michigan Museum of Art. The Chinese art curators at these museums regard Ms. Li as a master of ancient Chinese art. The U.S. would certainly be enriched by counting an expert of Ms. Li’s caliber among its artists.

Li enjoys making ancient Chinese painting techniques accessible to new artists. Her philosophy is to combine techniques of ancient and modern Chinese art while introducing theories and practicality of Chinese and Western art. As an expert in art, Li hopes to continue her artistic creation by working as an art educator.

During one of Li’s recent workshops, a 6-year-old boy told her that he’s always looked forward to her class; A 12-year-old girl insisted on coming to class even when she was sick; and a few adults who had never studied art were impressed by and proud of their own drastic improvement.

Because of Li’s extraordinary accomplishments in art, the Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture is determined to take advantage of this opportunity and partner with Li. Together they founded the “Traditional Chinese Art Workshop” for children and adults. The workshops will begin on Feb 23rd, 2013.

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