qing dynasty

Empress Xiaoshencheng


Empress Xiaoshencheng, born on May 7, 1792, belonged to the Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner Tunggiya clan and became the wife and first empress consort of the Daoguang Emperor, Mianning. Serving as empress consort of Qing from 1822 until her death in 1833, her personal name is not recorded. Born in the Qianlong era, she married Minning, the Jiaqing Emperor’s second son, in 1809 and became his second primary consort. They had a daughter, Princess Duanmin of the First Rank, who died prematurely in 1819. After the Jiaqing Emperor’s death, Minning ascended the throne as the Daoguang Emperor, and on December 28, 1822, Lady Tunggiya was instated as Empress. She passed away on June 16, 1833, and was buried in the Mu Mausoleum of the Western Qing tombs.

Spouse: Emperor Daoguang


The Daoguang Emperor (1782-1850) was the seventh emperor of the Qing Dynasty. His reign was marked by external and internal challenges, including the First Opium War and the Taiping Rebellion. Despite his well-intentioned efforts, he was unable to effectively address these problems.