qing dynasty

Empress Xiaojingxian


Empress Xiaojingxian, born Lady Ula Nara on June 28, 1681, of the Manchu Plain Yellow Banner Ula Nara clan, became the primary wife of the Yongzheng Emperor. She held the title of empress consort of the Qing Dynasty from 1723 until her death on October 29, 1731, receiving the posthumous honorific Empress Xiaojingxian. Her father, Fiyanggū, was posthumously named Duke in the 13th year of Yongzheng. Lady Ula Nara married Yinzhen, the fourth son of the Kangxi Emperor, in 1691. Their first son, Honghui, born on April 17, 1697, died prematurely on July 7, 1704. After the Kangxi Emperor’s death, Yinzhen ascended the throne as the Yongzheng Emperor, and on March 28, 1723, Lady Ula Nara was instated as empress. She passed away on October 29, 1731, and was laid to rest in the Tai Mausoleum of the Western Qing Tombs. Notably, Yongzheng did not elevate any of his other consorts to the position of empress after her demise.

Spouse: Emperor Yongzheng


The Yongzheng Emperor, born Yinzhen on December 13, 1678, was the hard-working fourth emperor of the Qing Dynasty, reigning from 1722 to 1735. With a primary goal of creating an effective government at minimal expense, he followed in his father’s (the Kangxi Emperor) footsteps by using military force to safeguard the dynasty’s position. Despite his shorter reign compared to his father and son, the Yongzheng era, characterized by peace and prosperity, witnessed his efforts to eradicate corruption and implement reforms in personnel and financial administration. Notably, he established the Grand Council, an institution that left a significant impact on the Qing dynasty’s future.

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