Southern dynasty

Zhu Lingyu 诸令璩

Empress Zhu Lingyu who succeeded to the throne. Emperor Xiao Baojuan was not a successful or respected emperor by any means, he also did not favor Zhu. Very little has been written about her.

Artist’s Note


Xiao Baojuan 蕭寶卷

Xiao Baojuan, also known as Marquess of Donghun, was an emperor of the Southern Qi dynasty in China, reigning during the Northern and Southern dynasties period. His rule was marked by violence and arbitrary executions of high-level officials, which led to several major rebellions. Ultimately, his own general, Xiao Yan, rebelled against him, leading to his overthrow and the collapse of the Southern Qi dynasty. Xiao Baojuan was posthumously demoted to the title of Marquess of Donghun by Xiao Yan after being killed in a siege of the capital Jiankang.

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