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Zang Aiqin 臧爱亲

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Zang Aiqin (360 AD – March 12, 408 AD), a native of Ju County, Dongguan County, was the direct wife of Liu Yu, Emperor Wu of the Southern Song Dynasty. He gave birth to a daughter, Liu Xingdi, Princess Xuan of Kuaiji. In the first month of the fourth year of Yixi (March 12, 408), Zang Aiqin died of illness in Dongcheng (now southeast of Dingyuan County, Anhui) at the age of 48. At this time, Liu Yu was only the Duke of Yuzhang County in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, so Zang Aiqin only received the posthumous title of Duke Yuzhang’s wife and was buried in Dantu’s hometown. After Liu Yu became emperor, he offered the Zang Aiqin tablet to the Imperial Ancestral Temple as one of the Seven Temples of the Emperor. In August of the same year, he was posthumously named Empress Jing, known as Empress Wu Jing in history. She was the first female temple owner in Chinese history. Liu Yu’s move was ridiculed by later generations because it was illegal. Wang Mingsheng pointed out that this was Liu Yu’s intention to obtain the Taizu temple title after his death. But Liu Yu’s last temple title was Gaozu, and he failed to do so. After Liu Yuling’s tablet entered the Imperial Ancestral Temple, Zang Aiqin accompanied him as a sacrifice and was no longer the main deity of the Imperial Ancestral Temple.

Spouse: Emperor Huan of Han

Emperor Wu of Liu Song, personal name Liu Yu, courtesy name Dexing, childhood name Jinu, was a statesman and strategist of Imperial China, and the founding emperor of the Chinese Liu Song dynasty.

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