Southern dynasty

Xu Zhaopei 徐昭佩

Princess Xu Zhaopei of the Liang dynasty was the wife of Xiao Yi, the Prince of Xiangdong, who later became Emperor Yuan. Their relationship was tumultuous, marked by jealousy, alcoholism, and infidelity. Princess Xu bore Xiao Yi two children but was not favored by him. Xiao Yi even accused her of murder and ordered her to commit suicide, which she did by jumping into a well. Despite her royal status, Xiao Yi did not honor her after her death, returning her body to her family and prohibiting mourning rites.

Artist’s Note

“我是梁元帝萧绎的王妃徐昭佩。与萧绎一向不睦, 称帝不愿立我为皇后,后位一直空着。萧绎一只眼是瞎的,去我房中,故半面梳妆半面未妆,嘲笑皇帝。帝盛怒之下,拂袖而去。一连几年不理我,凡萧绎的姬妾有孕,被我杀死。宠姬王氏生子,产后去世。萧绎。怀疑是我下的毒, 便逼我投井溺死, 并把我的尸体还给娘家。说休掉这个不贤的妻子。将我草草埋葬进行了残忍的报复。”

Emperor Wu of Liang 梁武帝

Emperor Wu of Liang, whose personal name was Xiao Yan, was the founder of the Liang dynasty during the Northern and Southern dynasties period. His reign was marked by stability and prosperity, characterized by the promotion of education and Confucian values, as well as the embrace of Buddhism. Despite his leniency towards corruption within his clan and officials, his reign came to an end when the general Hou Jing rebelled, capturing the imperial capital and leading to Emperor Wu’s imprisonment and eventual death from hunger and thirst.

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