Southern dynasty

Xie Fanjing 谢梵境

Xie Fanjing was an empress of the Chinese Liu Song Dynasty, married to the last ruler of the dynasty, Emperor Shun. She came from a noble family with her father, Xie Yang, being a mid-low level official, and her grandfather, Xie Zhuang, being a highly ranked official and a descendant of Xie Wan, the younger brother of the renowned Jin prime minister Xie An.

Fanjing married Emperor Shun in 478 when he was just 11 years old and acting as a puppet emperor under the general Xiao Daocheng. After Emperor Shun was forced to yield the throne to Xiao in 479, ending the Liu Song Dynasty and starting Southern Qi, Fanjing carried the title of Princess of Ruyin. Emperor Shun was later killed, and the Liu clan was executed by order of Xiao.

It is probable that Fanjing survived the massacre, as it mainly targeted male members of the clan, although this is not conclusively known. The details of her death and whether she received a posthumous name are not recorded in historical records.

Artist’s Note


Emperor Shun of Song

Emperor Shun of Liu Song, also known as Liu Zhun, was the last emperor of the Liu Song dynasty in China. He ascended to the throne in August 477 after his violent older brother, Emperor Houfei, was assassinated. However, during his brief reign, he was effectively controlled by the general Xiao Daocheng. In 479, Xiao forced Emperor Shun to yield the throne, leading to the end of the Liu Song dynasty and the beginning of the Southern Qi dynasty. Later that year, Emperor Shun was killed by his own guards, and the Liu clan was subsequently slaughtered.

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