Southern dynasty

Wang Shunhua 王舜华

Very little has been written about this empress. We have translated artist Xiang Li’s notes from his research.

Wang Shunhua, the Empress of Qi Emperor Xiao Baorong. Before Xiao Baorong arrived in Jiankang, Xiao Yan, with the help of his generals, ascended the throne and proclaimed himself emperor, asking Xiao Baorong to abdicate. Wang had only been a queen for a few months, which was like a dream.

Artist’s Note


Emperor He of Southern Qi

Emperor He of Southern Qi, also known as Xiao Baorong, reigned from April 14, 501, to April 20, 502, making him the last emperor of the Southern Qi dynasty in China. He ascended to the throne with the support of generals Xiao Yingzhou and Xiao Yan, who saw him as a preferable alternative to his violent and arbitrary older brother, Xiao Baojuan. However, in 502, after Xiao Baojuan’s defeat and death, and with Xiao Yingzhou also deceased, Xiao Yan seized power for himself, effectively ending the Southern Qi dynasty and establishing the Liang dynasty. Tragically, Emperor He was subsequently executed by Xiao Yan, who sought to consolidate his rule.

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