Southern dynasty

Wang Linbin 王灵宾

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In 512, when Xiao Gang became King of Jin’an, he adopted Wang Lingbin as his concubine. Xiao Gang was 10 years old and Wang was 8 years old. Prince Xiao Daqi (Prince Ai) was born in 523, and Prince Xiao Dalian (Prince of Nanjun) was born in 527. Also gave birth to a daughter, Princess Changshan. In 531, Xiao Gang was made crown prince and Wang was made crown princess. In March 549, Wang died at the age of 45. Died in Vinh Phuc Province. In May of the same year, Xiao Gang succeeded to the throne and was posthumously named empress, with the posthumous title of “Queen Jian”. In September of the first year of Dabao, he was buried in Zhuang Mausoleum. Zhao said: “Queen Jian has a certain period of time. In the past, the Ba Mausoleum in Xijing was hidden in the mountains; in the Shoulu Mausoleum in the Eastern Han Dynasty, it was just a flowing water. I am living in a difficult time, and the people are hungry and suffering, so I want to take the lead and show my integrity forever. Today We must maintain frugality in the villages and mausoleums we run.” He also ordered Xiao Zifan, the official of Jin Ziguanglu, to write a mourning document.

Artist’s Note


Emperor Jianwen of Liang


Emperor Jianwen of Liang, also known as Xiao Gang, was an emperor of the Liang Dynasty. Initially not the crown prince, he ascended to the position in 531 after his older brother’s death. During his reign, the rebellious general Hou Jing seized control, holding both Emperor Jianwen and his father Emperor Wu captive. After Emperor Wu’s death, Hou compelled Emperor Jianwen to take the throne but remained in control. In 551, Hou forced Emperor Jianwen to abdicate in favor of his grandnephew and then had him killed.

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