Southern dynasty

Pei Huizhao 裴惠昭

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Pei Huizhao (5th century? – August 15, 480 [1]), a native of Wenxi, Hedong (now Wenxi County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province), was the first wife of Emperor Wu of Qi, Xiao Yu, and Queen Wu Mu.

Grandfather Pei Puzhi was in trouble. His father, Pei Jizhi, joined the Zuojun army. Pei Huizhao gave birth to Xiao Changmao (458) and Xiao Ziliang (460).

Pei Huizhao and Xiao Ni’s wife Yu were sisters-in-law. Yu was a diligent female worker and served her parents-in-law Xiao Daocheng and Liu Zhirong respectfully and tirelessly. Pei Huizhao was out of reach and had a harsh temperament, so he was not valued by his parents-in-law. Xiao Yu didn’t like her either. When he was the magistrate of Gan County, he once sent her away for making noise. Their young second son Xiao Ziliang was very unhappy when he saw this. Xiao Yu asked, “Why don’t you study?” Xiao Ziliang said, “Where is your mother now? Why study?” Xiao Yu was moved by the child and called his wife back. Xiao Ziliang’s wife, Yuan Shi, had a conflict with her when she was in Buyi, so Pei Huizhao punished her.

In the third year of Shengming (479), she became the concubine of the Qi Dynasty. In the first year of Jianyuan (479), Southern Qi was established and she became the crown prince. At that time, Pei Huizhao needed the genealogical certificate of her maternal relatives, but her clan member Pei Huizhao refused to give it to her, so she and Pei Huizhao separated their ancestry[2]. He died on Wuwu in July of the second year of Jianyuan (August 15, 480). Posthumously named Concubine Mu, she was buried in Xiu’an Mausoleum. Lingpai was promoted to the ancestral temple, and she was the same room as her mother-in-law, Empress Zhao Liu Zhirong, which was the first time in Chinese history that a crown prince was promoted to the ancestral temple. The ancestor Xiao Hao ascended the throne and pursued Queen Wu Mu.

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Emperor Wu of Southern Qi

Emperor Wu of Southern Qi, also known as Xiao Ze, was the second emperor of the Southern Qi dynasty in China. He is widely regarded as a capable and hardworking ruler, despite facing criticism for his extravagant way of life.

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