Southern dynasty

Liu Zhirong 刘智容

Translated using Google Translate from this empress’ Wikipedia in Chinese.

Liu Zhirong (423-472) was a native of Guangling County (now Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province). Queen of the Qi Dynasty in the Southern Dynasty (posthumous title), the first wife of Emperor Gao of Qi Xiao Daocheng, the daughter of Yuanwailang Liu Shouzhi [1], and the mother of Emperor Wu of Qi Xiao Yu.

When Liu Zhirong was seventeen, he married Xiao Dao and became his wife. He is cautious and serious, has rules and regulations, behaves in accordance with etiquette and laws, and manages the family in an orderly manner. Xiao Daocheng gave birth to two sons: Xiao Wei and Xiao Yi.

In the first year of Taiyu (472), Liu Zhirong died at the age of fifty and was buried in Tai’an Mausoleum. After the establishment of the Southern Qi Dynasty, she was granted the title of empress and her posthumous title was Zhao. .

Artist’s Note


Emperor Gao of Southern Qi

Emperor Gao of Southern Qi, also known as Xiao Daocheng, was the founder of the Southern Qi dynasty in China. Initially serving as a general under the Liu Song dynasty’s Emperor Ming and Emperor Houfei, he seized power in 477 out of fear that Emperor Houfei would kill him. He eventually ascended to the throne in 479, establishing the Southern Qi dynasty.

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