Southern dynasty

Liu Huiduan 刘惠端

Liu Huiduan (5th century? – 489), a native of Pengcheng, was the wife of Xiao Luan, Emperor Qi Ming of the Southern Dynasty. His grandfather is Liu Daohong, a doctor of Guanglu, his father Liu Jingyou, and his mother Wang.

When Emperor Xiao Daocheng of Qi Dynasty was in power, Liu Huiduan was betrothed to Xiao Luan, and in the third year of Jianyuan (481), she became the wife of the Marquis of Xichang. Xiao Baojuan was born in 483, and he had three other sons: Xiao Baoxuan, Xiao Baoyin and Xiao Baorong. Later, he died in the seventh year of Yongming (489) and was buried in Zhangshan, Jiangcheng County.

In the first year of Yanxing (494), she was given the title of Princess Xuancheng; soon after Xiao Luan came to the throne, she was honored as the queen, with the posthumous title of Queen Mingjing.

Artist’s Note


Emperor Ming of Southern Qi 南齊明帝

Emperor Ming of Southern Qi, also known as Xiao Luan, was an emperor of the Southern Qi dynasty in China. He rose to power through a coup d’état, assassinating his predecessor Xiao Zhaoye and subsequently deposing Xiao Zhaoye’s brother to seize the throne for himself. Emperor Ming was known for his exacting and frugal rule but is viewed unfavorably in history for his brutality, particularly his slaughter of the surviving sons of previous emperors, including Emperor Gao and Emperor Wu, despite their previous kindness towards him.

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