Southern dynasty

He Lingwan 何令婉

He Lingwan (445-October 24, 461) [1], a native of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, was the first wife of Liu Ziye, the former deposed emperor of the Liu Song Dynasty.

He Lingwan’s mother is Liu Xinnan, Princess Yuzhangkang, the daughter of Liu Yumei, and his father is He Yu. His brother He Mai is married to Princess Liu Yingmei of Xincai, the daughter of Emperor Wen Liu Yilong. The He family and the Liu family have a deep marriage relationship.

In the third year of Xiaojian (456), Emperor Xiaowu Liu Jun chose to marry He Lingwan as the crown prince. However, He Lingwan passed away in the Huiguang Hall of the East Palace at the age of seventeen, and was given the posthumous title of Concubine Xian. Therefore, Liu Jun chose Yang Zhan’s daughter as Yang Liangdi and Yuan Senghui’s daughter as Yuan Baolin for the prince. After Liu Ziye ascended the throne, he posthumously named He Lingwan Queen Xian. After Liu Ziye was killed, Liu Yu buried He Lingwan with Liu Ziye.

Artist’s Note


Liu Ziye

The Former Deposed Emperor of Liu Song, also known as Emperor Qianfei, was Liu Ziye, an emperor of the Liu Song dynasty in China. His short reign as a teenager was characterized by violent and impulsive behavior, including the massacre of numerous high-level officials and his involvement in sexually immoral activities. Just a year after ascending to the throne, he was assassinated.

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