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Xiang Li is an internationally acclaimed artist who specialized in the reproduction and restoration of ancient Chinese paintings at the Forbidden City of Beijing, China, where she worked as a Master Artist for 37 years.  She has earned high praise from top art scholars and even the Last Emperor’s brother, Pu Jie, who said that she is “one of the most extraordinary artists of our time.”

We are featuring a few collections and individual commissioned artworks from Xiang Li, they are:

Li was first recognized in 1985 after spending five years creating the first complete collection, featuring 413 scenes from the Chinese classic novel, Dream of the Red Chamber. This collection was featured at the Grand View Garden in Beijing for 20 years (1985-2005). 

Following Dream of the Red Chamber, Li completed a sequel collection, the breath-taking 100 Flower Goddesses, which was recognized and signed by the best-known Chinese calligraphers and artists from the 20th Century, including Dong Shouping, Fan Zeng, Zhou Ruchang, Pu Jie. 

In 2014, Li began working on the most artistically and technically challenging collection Chinese Empresses. This collection features 120 empresses from Chinese history. Li spent two decades researching each character from family, education, to personality, life events and even fashion. These women have impacted and shaped Chinese history, yet there were limited portraits or other art forms dedicated to them. Li wants to fill the gap and help us learn more about history. 

Li is commissioned to work on several meticulous style (Gong-Bi) and sketching-thought style (Xieyi) paintings for businesses and individuals year-around. 

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